Ready, Set, Selfie!

Ready, Set, Selfie!

Ready, Set, Selfie! Take the perfect selfie!

Selfie: a picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to social media.  Who doesn't love a good selfie? I admit, I'm guilty of taking one to many of them myself, and not all of them turned out to be absolutely adorable.
How far do I hold the camera out? What about lighting? The wind is blowing my hair all over the place. Selfies aren't easy. You never know when the mood will strike, so I came up with a few steps to make sure your selfie game is on point.

Moisturize: Bombshell Clarifying Day Moisturizer is great for oily skin, minimizes redness & speeds up healing. Illuminata is great for oily skin, minimizes redness & speeds up healing

Make sure the skin in moisturized so that your makeup doesn’t look cakey later on in the day. Even oily skin needs to be moisturized to be balanced. Use the Bombshell Day Moisturizer for oily skin or Illuminata for light weight moisture all day long.

Highlight: 24Kt Gold Highlighter is great for the perfect sun-kissed look, natural definition & contouring.

Make sure your face has dimension by highlighting with 24kt gold highlighter. Place on the highest part of the cheekbone moving up all the way to your temples, right underneath the end of the eyebrow. Also place right on top of the bow of your lip (center).

Sweet & Rosy Cheeks: Healing & moisturizing, use instead of a lip liner. Can also be used for cheeks!

Outlining the lip with Sweet Cheeks or Rosy Cheeks will guarantee definition of the lips and will last throughout the day ensuring a perfect selfie pout all day. Do you have dry, cracked lips? Try applying some Ambrosia Lip Treatment. This will make sure your lips heal and protected.

Swak: Vitamin E & A, protects from UV rays & balances skin. Go Green Brightening Eye Cream heals, firms skin & is anti-aging.

Use Go Green Eye Cream and S.W.A.K. highlighter to brighten eyes and bring focus to your perfect peepers.

Setting Powder: For all skin tones, pigment free, absorbs excess oil & heals skin. Finishing powder: for all skin tones, Sun kissed skin, sets makeup & is pigment free.

Set your makeup with Sun Magic Setting Powder or, for a more sun-kissed, luminous look, use the Sun Magic Finishing Powder.

Always carry tissue with you so that you can blot out excess oil without compromising your makeup. Know your good side, always take photos with your face slightly angled to reflect the light better and slim the face. If you want, you can try a small pout but don't go overboard! Duck faces aren't cute on anyone.
Make sure to exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells allowing your makeup to last longer and look less cakey and uneven throughout the day.

Summer Waves! Beach Bum for extra lift & texture, is moisturizing & gives a sexy beach look

Use Beach Bum styling cream to create an easy, sexy beach look. Run your fingers through your hair before taking photos to reactivate the body and wave in your hair. Make sure to do this quickly and not too often, remember less is more. Playing with your hair too much will break up your waves, causing you to lose them!

Don't line the top & bottom of the eye. Do use a darker eyeshadow under the eye!

Don’t line the top and bottom of the eye; this creates unnecessary shadows and darkness. Use a darker shadow color to line the bottom of the eye from the center point and blend out. Do a highlight color on the inner corner of the eye to make the eye appear larger and wider. Make sure to dab with your brush instead of swiping when applying our mineral eyeshadows!
Until next time! xoxo

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