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Customer Testimonials

I've been using Mojo Spa products for awhile now. I have very sensitive skin that reacts to almost everything. That being said, Mojo products work great on my sensitive skin. This (Illuminata) is by far my favorite product. I love it! It's a great moisturizer for any skin type...


I had acne in my life and could never use any type of oils on my face without breaking out. But not with this night serum (Ambrosia Anti-Aging Night Serum). It has changed the texture of my skin and my face is smoother than it has ever been. I use the whole Ambrosia line and LOVE it! 


After using every big name acne system, nothing worked for me until I found this product (Bombshell Clarifying Facial Soap). My face has never been clearer, pores have never been tighter, and those seemingly endless black holes on my nose have finally disappeared!...