Wicker Park Fest 2019

Wicker Park Fest 2019

Wicker Park Fest

Get Your Mojo On at Wicker Park Fest! July 26-28

Wicker Park Fest is our favorite weekend here at Mojo Spa. In celebration of our wonderfully supportive and unique neighborhood we will be celebrating Wicker Park Fest Weekend with a series of store events! 

Wicker Park Fest Schedule

Four Exclusive Products

We will be introducing limited edition products that you won't want to miss at Wicker Park Fest!

Friday July 26 - Sunday July 28   All Day

Blueberry Acai Boost Face & Body Scrub 

Blueberry Acai Boost Face & Body Scrub

Give your skin a boost with this Vitamin C rich scrub that will leave your skin polished and ageless! 

Both Blueberries and Acai berries are super high in antioxidants which helps give your skin a power boost to look it's healthiest.  

Super Green Detox Face & Body Scrub  

Super Green Detox Face & Body Scrub

A powerhouse of Kale, Spinach, Moringa, and Avocado is a multi-vitamin intensive to enhance your skin's complexion and will leave you super detoxed!  If you have acne, dry skin, or sensitive skin, this scrub is a must-have for hydrated and glowing skin. 

Lemon Lavender Ice Cream Bath Bar & Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream Bath Bar

Lemon Lavender Ice Cream Bath Bar & Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream Bath Bar

Ice Cream Bath Bars that are good for your body in Lemon Lavender or Strawberry Coconut scents. 

These bars are made with pure Cocoa Butter to leave your skin so soft you don't need to moisturize.  

Just break a piece off and drop in your bath for a delicious calorie free spa experience at home. 

Personalized Perfume Bar

Personalized Perfume Bar & Perfume Oil

Wicker Park Fest weekend only, we're bringing back one of our fan favorites -- the perfume bar! 

Choose from a variety of unique custom blends to find the fragrance just right for you. Whether you’re a fan of Botanical, Fresh, or Sweet scents, we'll help you find a blend just right for you. 

Once you've decided on a scent, we will bottle your new perfume right before your eyes for you to purchase. 

Because this perfume is so concentrated, you only need 1-2 drops at a time which will last you up to a year.  

Saturday July 27th  2pm – 7pm  
Sunday July 28th  2pm – 7pm   


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