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About Us

Handmade in Chicago Since 2003

We are a Chicago-based beauty company that handmakes over 200 natural beauty products selling to customers all over the globe.  For over 10 years, we have been developing, designing, manufacturing and testing all our own recipes and pride ourselves on making our products cruelty-free, natural, and fun! 

Our flagship store and nail spa is located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, where you can shop all our products and get the latest in nail art designs and natural nail treatments.

Over 200 Natural Beauty Products

We want to make sure you get a high-quality natural product that's good for you, with ingredients you can understand, and packaging that feels unique and fun!

Taking care of yourself should be a pleasure not a chore, which is why we like to keep things positive with cheeky product names, cute and colorful packaging, and beauty products inspired by some of your favorite nostalgic desserts (FYI our founder was a former personal chef).  Today, our product range includes natural skincare, makeup, bodycare, haircare, artisan soaps, fragrances, bath products, soy massage candles and more!

We Use Natural Healing Techniques

We strive to take an all-encompassing approach to beauty focusing on the emotional and mental aspects of feeling good, not just looking good. Many of our products contain positive affirmations, because we believe when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside!

In addition to incorporating naturally derived ingredients, herbal infusions, and real food ingredients, we also make use of alternative healing techniques in our products including aromatherapy blends, sound therapy, and crystal therapy. 

Meet Our Founder: Amanda Kezios "The Willy Wonka of Beauty"

Some of my earliest memories as a child were spending time with my grandmother in the kitchen.  She had a natural homemade recipe for everything from soothing mosquito bites, to curing tummy aches, to taming my thick, long hair! 

This early exposure to the power of natural ingredients gave me an understanding of how to use what the earth naturally offers to heal your skin and body. During my teen years I suffered from terrible skin and cystic acne.  And as an adult, I experienced health issues, which unfortunately made me extremely sensitive to most beauty and personal care products on the market at the time. 

As a result, while working as a personal chef, I began experimenting in my kitchen developing natural products for myself using real food ingredients that I already had in my kitchen.  I developed my very first product - a healing lip balm to help heal my dry chapped lips during the cold Chicago winters. Soon friends and family took notice and were asking me to develop products for them.  Before I knew it I was hosting spa parties with a hundred or more people showing up! That's when I left my full-time job to open my flagship store in the heart of Wicker Park in Chicago.

After years of research, classes and mentorships that first lip balm grew into a full-range skincare line and a natural makeup line incorporating many elements of skincare.  My first skincare inspired makeup product was an illuminating moisturizer with an herbal infusion called the Illuminata, and it's still our bestselling product 10 years later!

I began incorporating positive affirmations into my products, since affirmations helped me overcome some difficult days.  I'm a true believer in meditation, yoga and alternative healing techniques, as I utilize many of these techniques in my daily life to continue to stay healthy and balanced.  I consistently look for new and innovative ways to incorporate alternative techniques in product development, while still keeping our products affordable, good for you, and fun!

I invite you to take a look around and GET YOUR MOJO ON!