Contouring for Dummies

Contouring for Dummies

Contouring for Dummies

Contouring tricks the eyes into focusing on specific areas of your face, mainly the eyes & lips.This is done by creating shadow & highlights around your face. There’s a delicate balance between shadow & light when it comes to contouring & it can be difficult to achieve. I’ve learned over the years that not everyone knows how to properly contour their faces.
There is no universal trick for contouring everybody's face but here are some tips to contour your face without an intense routine.

Tools of the trade: 24 Kt Gold Highlighter, small brush, large brush, appropriate bronzer: medium tones, dark tones

I would recommend starting off with these basic tools. Our 24kt Gold Highlighter is a great way to bring shine to your eyes & lips. Its made with real gold so you’ll sparkle whenever light hits you just right. You can also use SWAK if you aren’t fond of gold.

Use a small brush for more control over your contouring. Use a big brush only to blend or if you are sweeping across a large area.
To make this super user friendly, choose one bronzer! For fair tones use our Sun Magic Healing Mineral Bronzer- Medium. For light to medium skin use our Sun Magic Healing Mineral Bronzer- Dark. Our bronzers are just as much a skin care product as it is a beauty product. These bronzers will help nourish and heal your skin, making sure you feel good & look good.

Find your face shape: Petite Faces: think small forehead & frame. Wide Faces: Face nearly as wide as long. Long Faces: Narrow & longer face.

Before you start contouring, its important to find out what kind of face shape you have.

If you're still having trouble figuring out which face shape works best for you, try standing in front of a mirror. Trace your face using a dry erase marker or some lipstick. Step away and examine the shape of your face and compare to our 3 shapes!  Still confused? Click here for a step by step!

Petite FacesStep 1: Highlight along upper cheek to temples. Use 24Kt Gold highlighter for extra highlight & shimmer.

Use 24kt gold highlighter or SWAK to highlight along your upper cheek & up to your temple. Make sure to use your finger, tapping along your cheek to create a stippling effect. This will make sure the highlight looks more natural & realistic.

Wide FacesStep 1: Use a bronzer all around the frame of the face & jawline. Use a small brush!

If you have a wider face you will want to focus on framing your face to make it appear more narrow. Using your bronzer, brush all around your frame, creating a heart shape. Don’t use too much or your face will appear painted on.

Step 2: Highlight on your nose, the bow of your lips & on your cheeks

Next apply highlight to your nose, the apples of your cheeks & to your eyes. This will bring the eye’s focus to the center of your face making it appear slimmer & longer. Don’t forget to add a bit of shine to the bow of your lips. This will make the top of the light making it look plumper.

Long FacesStep 1: Contour the hollows of your cheeks & along your jawline

Long faces should contour on the hollows of the cheeks. This will break up your face, making it look shorter. Brush a little bronzer on the edge of your jawline too. If you have a large forehead as well as a long face, contour along the edge of your forehead.Make sure to sweep your brush across and not at an angle. Angling your brush will make your face look even longer.  Add some blush to the apples of your cheeks for a more youthful look. This will make sure the eyes are drawn to your eyes.
That wasn’t so hard! Now that you’re contouring like a pro, let’s make sure you know a few more tips & tricks.

Your tools matter! Do: Use a small brush when contouring. Evenly distributes bronzer/ highlighter across your skin. Don't: Use a large brush when applying bronzer. This will add to much & flatten your face.

Even Michelangelo needed to use the right brushes to create his masterpieces. Make sure you do too! Using a small brush will make sure you have control over your powder. If you use a big brush, it will add too much powder and fade you out. This makes your eye wander around your entire face instead of focusing on the most important parts of your face.

Age makes a difference: Bet Rid of Baby Face! Contour on your cheeks. For a more youthful look: Focus on using blush on cheeks. Think brighter, poppier colors.

Age also makes a difference when contouring your face. Do you have a baby face and want to get rid of it? Try contouring in the hollows of your cheeks. Make sure to sweep all the way out to your hair line and don’t overdo it with the bronzer. You want just enough to create definition without caking the powder on.
Do you want a younger look? Don’t contour on the cheeks! Instead try using a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. Check out our new cream blushes for bright pops of color. Bonus: you can add a little bit of this cream blush onto your lips to bring out your lips.
So there you have it! Contouring made easy! Follow these steps & you’ll be adding definition your face like a pro.
Still have questions? Not sure which face shape you have or what bronzer works best for your skin tone? We’re here to help! Call us to set up a consultation with our makeup artists! 773.235.6656 or send us an email at
Until next time! xoxo

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