It Really Works! Fab testimonials from Amazing People

It Really Works! Fab testimonials from Amazing People

It Really Works! Fab testimonials from amazing people.

We love you guys.

Like seriously, you guys complete us.
Have you ever looked at our products and wanted to try them but just didn't know if you should? We get it, makeup and skincare are difficult products to buy online without having tried it out. Well lucky for you, and us, we have amazing customers who give pretty fabulous reviews! We've put together a few of our favorite reviews so that you can take a look at them yourself! We scoured Instagram, Facebook and our own website to find noteworthy reviews that we thought might help convince you to give one of our fabulous products a try.

Catty Natty: Ultimate Detox Face Mask

Catty Natty from Catty Natty Beauty Blog

Catty is a local beauty blogger who we ADORE! Her Instagram feed is gorgeous and full of beauty, food and local favorites! Check out her Instagram here @cattynattybeauty

She recently tried out our Ultimate Detox line and she had some amazing things to say,
"This is one of their newer items and it smells simply wonderful! I’m back to having some weird skin issues now that I am pregnant again so I was super excited to try this out. Anytime I use this, I feel like my skin is so fresh and clean, talk about glowing! It really feels like I am getting rid of all the toxins and clarifying my skin when I put this on. This particular mask contains apricot oil and zeolite clay, white kaolin clay and soybean oil. Combined, these ingredients help restore, moisturize, and clarify your skin, making it baby soft! Mmmm… so soft… (gently rubs face)."

Make sure to check out the rest of her blog for beauty reviews & more!  Catty Natty Beauty Blog

"Really enjoying the smell of our pits with our new natural deodorant!"

Do you have smelly pits? It's ok, I do too sometimes. We work hard and working hard means we sweat so it makes sense. Well fear no more, Don't Sweat It Deodorant is the solution you need. Just take a look at @rachelsherron enjoying her "smelly" pits!

"Really enjoying the smell of our pits with our new natural deodorant!"

Check out the Don't Sweat It Deodorant | $15

"This is the greatest thing! Mojo's gift to womankind! I seem to be allergic to literally every body lotion EVER! Organic, natural, plain old full of nasty chemical stuff... I'm allergic. My legs look horrible from the constant itch and scratch but i can't help it! This is the first thing I have put on my body that i haven't even had that vague notion of 'is this starting to itch or am I thinking about it too much?' I was so excited that i ran out to tell my husband! I used it with the shave bar which is amazing in itself but honestly? I think I'm gonna start using this oil as an all out moisturizer even when i DON'T shave! So pleased with this product and never stop making it. Or if you do, warn me so i can buy the rest of your stock."

We're so happy that the Amazing Shaving After Shave was able to help! It may sound cheesy, but this is exactly why we started up all those years ago. To find beauty and skincare products that will help all of you look and feel good inside & out!

Check out the Amazing Shaving After Shave Body Oil  | $15

"@mojospa is the best. I can't live without my Lemon Lust Scrub & Bombshell face mask by them! All homemade, based in Chicago"

@Darlingtrend is a natural beauty blogger who we were thrilled to know just can't live without our lemon lust scrub and bombshell face mask! Check out her blog by clicking here ---> Darling Trend

She's not the only one in love with the Bombshell Clarifying Facial Mask!

"Just used this mask for the first time, it feels wonderfully creamy and dries with the same creamy texture making it easy and pain free to take off. It feels like I just got a facial and looks really healthy. I'm excited to add this to my skincare routine" -Becca Z

Check it out for yourself! Bombshell Clarifying Facial Mask | $15

If you've been following us for a while you'll know that the Illuminata is one of our best selling products. It is a primer, a moisturizer & luminzer in one! This is the one stop shop of herbal makeup. But you don't have to take our word for it,

"Illuminata is a sensational moisturizer. I am in my late twenties and my skin is transitioning from oily and acne-prone to combination. Illuminata moisturizes in a non-greasy way, while reducing the inflammation that flares up acne. I absolutely adore it!" -Paula

"I love, love, LOVE this stuff. This has replaced my moisturizer and I use it daily (sometimes I have to mix with sunscreen over the summer though). It helps my face stay hydrated, my makeup (when I wear it) stay on longer, and my skin is clearer than it has been in a LONG time. I can't recommend it enough!!" - Christine

"Because of you, I finally found a skin care regiment that works. I apply the Bombshell clarifying facial mask before I shower. The Illuminata herbal makeup is the perfect primer and moisturizer. But my favorite is the Ambrosia soap free cleansing cream and makeup remover. I use it before bed and wake up with a refreshed face. For the first time in a long time, I have clear skin. Thank you!" -Stephanie

Check out the Illuminata Illuminating Herbal Makeup for yourself

"I absolutely love this place! I have been coming here for at least 5 years and there are some products I cannot run out of! I love everything from the soap to the makeup to the lotion candles (best gift ever) but here are a few of my favorites:

Nifty Nail Cure

This stuff is amazing. My husband stole it off my nightstand one day when he was struggling with a gross toenail (lets be honest, it had to be fungal... gross) and Nifty Nail cleared it up 100%! He is now a dedicated user and has even recommended it to other men for their nail issues and concerns.

Lip Jam Pops

It's hard to review makeup for me but safe to say this stuff is somewhere between lipstick and a Benebalm type lip product. Not sticky and glossy but not dry. The pigment is just right and doesn't leave a lipstick line around your mouth as you re-apply

Try these things, buy them, love them... you will not regret it!!" -Caroline Tess

Check out the Nifty Nail Cure | $15 here and check out the Lip Jam Pops | $17

Poised -n- Polished

We had the pleasure of speaking with Its Esta Fiesta on her podcast Poised n Polished! Her podcast's mission is to discover independent fashion & beauty brands so we were thrilled when we found out that not only was she a fan, but she wanted to bring us onto her podcast!

"Who knew your makeup routine can be more important than your skincare routine? This week I'm speaking to Amanda Kezios of Mojo Spa about preventing and treating acne. Amanda tells me about her favorite product, the Illuminata, and I tell her how much I love their Go Green Facial Scrub."

Make sure to follow her on Instagram and to check out her podcast!

You can check out the episode on Itunes or Soundcloud or by clicking this link Poised n Polished S 2 Ep 3 Mojo Spa

XO Noelle

Noelle is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who was kind enough to write up a review on 3 of our most popular products, the Beach Bum, Illuminata & High Society Moisturizer.

"Another bestseller from Mojo Spa, this moisturizer is made with Truffle Oil (contains high levels of Vitamin B Complex), Lavender and Neroli water and Honey Powder. The Lavender water is actually made fresh by infusing lavender flowers into the water which then goes into the cream and then is mixed with Lavender oil to tighten and maintain your skin. This is, hands down, my absolute favorite moisturizer right now. I've been wearing this by itself and under foundation and have never had my skin feel smoother and more moisturized."

Make sure to check out the whole post and read the rest of her reviews! ---> Mojo Spa High Society Moisturizer, Illuminata Illuminating Face Cream & Beach Bum Styling Cream | Review

Make sure to check out the rest of her fabulous blog --> xo Noelle Blog

Megan Sarah says,

"I've been out of my usual skincare products from Mojo for about a month (for various reasons. But mostly that I'm lazy. Any chance of implementing auto ship? ) My face has been angry ever since. I have incredibly sensitive skin, acne and dry areas pop up very quickly if I change anything. I'm also allergic to tea tree oil which tends to be in most of the more natural products available. My skin has been feeling terrible since I've been out and just using whatever random things around the house. I received my shipment last night of the Ambrosia soap-free cream cleanser & the Bombshell day moisturizer. After ONE NIGHT of using them, the dry areas are healed, the acne is healing and I no longer feel dehydrated and crackly. Thank you Mojo Spa for keeping my skin happy!!! I promise to be better about ordering in a timely manner..."

Ceck out the Bombshell Day Moisturizer | $20 here and the Ambrosia Soap Free cleanser | $24 here.


Seriously guys, we can't say it enough. We love hearing from you guys!

Do you have a product that you absolutely love? Leave a review & we might include it in our next testimonial feature!

Until next time! xoxo

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