Acne Prone Skin? Citrus & Black Cumin Seed to the Rescue!

Acne Prone Skin? Citrus & Black Cumin Seed to the Rescue!

Acne Prone Skin? The benefits of black cumin

Recently, I have fallen in love with black cumin seed oil.  I cook with cumin powder all the time, so I’m familiar with its pungent smell and taste. That being said, I was still surprised by the strength of my first whiff of black cumin seed oil. But after ten years of developing beauty products, I have learned to keep an open mind with ingredients and was determined to give this oil a chance. In the end, its results pleased me beyond my expectations!

The Experiment:
For a month trial period, with myself as the guinea pig, I added black cumin seed oil to my bombshell acne serum to determine the effects.  As I looked closely, my small potholes were healing and my skin was even smoother than usual.  More importantly, my breakouts, especially during my time of month, disappeared quicker than normal or diminished completely. Because of cumin strong odor, I decided to add more citrus oils to balance the scent of the serum. This combination allowed me to use a very small amount of serum while still increasing its effectiveness.  (Note: Citrus oil makes skin sensitive to sunlight, so I only used, and recommend using it at night.)

After the Cumin Seed Oil trial period, I decided to test the new Bombshell Night Serum in combination with my Ambrosia Anti-Aging Facial Serum to determine if using them together would increase their effectiveness.  After a second month using the two in combination at night, my skin looked completely flawless. I was getting even more compliments from customers at the store. The combination worked because both Serums complement each other with anti-aging qualities for acne prone skin.  The most significant benefit for my skin was that both products, when used together, minimized the appearance of acne scarring.

Why it worked:
The use of black cumin seed oil dates back to ancient times and is highly regarded within folk medicine. It contains a wide variety of vitamins including A, B1, B2, B6, C, Niacin, Folacin; and an impressive array of minerals including calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium, copper, phosphorus and zinc. These help to nourish your skin and body in a variety of ways:

  • Improves the condition of hair, skin, & nails
  • Help combat auto-immune disorders, making it a natural choice for a psoriasis treatment.
  • Soothes acne & various forms of eczema  
  • Heals skin infections while moisturizing
  • Has anti-aging properties that helps diminish wrinkles

To further illustrate how powerful and effective black cumin seed oil is, it has been used in studies as a cancer prevention and treatment.  Also, it has also been determined useful in treating rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases.   

After such successful results with black cumin seed oil, I have made it a permanent ingredient in my Bombshell Facial Serum. My customers and I have truly seen an increase in its effectiveness. The one thing to remember is that black cumin seed oil is very powerful. Only a small amount is concentrated enough for powerful results.

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Have you tried using the Bombshell Acne Spot Treatment or the Ambrosia Night Serum? Tell us about it! Make sure to leave a review and you might be featured in our next Say What?! Testimonials feature!

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