5 Reasons to start using After Shave Oil

5 Reasons to start using After Shave Oil

5 Reasons to start using an after shave oil

Its summer, which means its time to break out the razors (oh wait, just me? ok then) and get our legs ready for fun in the sun. Now I'm sure you guys have already discovered the wonders of the Amazing Shaving Soap, but did you know you could take your shaving game to the next level?

What's your routine like after shaving? Quickly dry off and get some clothes on? Grab your favorite lotion and lather up? Can I suggest something a little bit different? I think its time to try the Amazing After Shave Oil for women! Oil? But I just took a shower, I don't want to rub oils all over my nice clean legs! Don't worry, this oil isn't like every other oil out there!

5 Benefits of Using an After Shave Oil

5 Benefits of using an After Shave Oil

1. Prevents Irritation
Made with Apricot Kernel Oil which reduces redness & irritation. That means no more red bumps, no razor burn (although to help reduce that always shave using water and soap) no ingrown hairs, no discomfort! Huzzah!

2. Keeps Skin Moisturized
We designed this as an oil base to penetrate deeper into skin for longer lasting results and deeply hydrated skin. Meadow foam seed oil locks in moisture to prevent dryness for smoother, healthier skin.

3. Absorbs Faster than a Lotion
Using an oil ensures that the skin better absorbs all the nutrients and benefits of this oil.  Since this isn't a lotion you won't need to use too much! Use about 2-3 sprays for both legs and rub it in. What could be easier? 3 spritz and you're done!

4. Non-Greasy
But wait, this is an oil. Yes, yes it is. Remember that this oil absorbs faster than a lotion so all that goodness will go straight into your legs. No left over mess to worry about it!

5. Get a Better Shave Next Time!
The Amazing After Shave Oil continues working even after you've showered and shaved! Because this oil reduces red bumps, moisturizes and absorbs super fast, you're legs will be ready for the next time you shave!

Start shaving your way to healthier, smoother and shinier legs! (shiny? yes, shiny!) Make sure to check out the Amazing After Shave Oil and show off your summer legs!

Until next time xoxo

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