The Ultimate Detox

The Ultimate Detox

Ultimate Detox Facial Powder Reviewed

Recently, we were tagged on an incredible testimonial from one of our amazing customers, Dena Julia Smith or @leowithcancer. We absolutely love hearing from you guys and this was no exception. 

"This amazing powder got rid of my 'chicken skin' aka dermal pilaris literally overnight..." 

That's amazing! It seriously makes my day when I see one of our products helping people out and making them feel better! You can read the rest of her review over on her blog. Make sure to check it out! Click here to check out the review and to see all her other amazing posts. 
Ultimate Detox Facial Powder

Want a quick run down of what the Ultimate Detox Facial Powder is? 

The Deep Cleansing Facial Powder is made with charcoal to detoxify, spirulina to tone and bromelain to remove dead skin cells. This powder is extremely effective because it works to remove dead skin cells not only on the surface of the skin, but under the skin as well! The great part is it acts as a natural glycolic peel and microderm abrasion but without removing too much skin or causing irritation. (its also way more affordable than a traditional glycolic peel or microderm so yay!)

Check out the entire Ultimate Detox collection! (Just in case you don't know, if you loved the Twilight line you'll love the Ultimate Detox line because they're the same line!)

Ultimate Detox Deep Cleansing Powder: $15 

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