Lip Jam Pops: The Perfect Lip Gloss

Lip Jam Pops: The Perfect Lip Gloss

Lip Jam Pops: The Perfect Lip Gloss

I love lip gloss. I remember being 12 years old and applying lip gloss to my lips every 5 minutes. There was something so satisfying about the glossy feel on my lips. Fast forward 13 years and I'm not so fond of the heavy, usually sticky feel that comes with lip gloss. Who wants to kiss lips that are sticky? Not me. Thankfully Amanda came up with a solution to the sticky mess without compromising the beautiful shine and color of lip gloss.

Lip Jam Pops have been a major hit with our customers since their debut & how could they not be? Convenient like a lipstick but with all the benefits of a lip gloss. These pops are healing like a lip balm, pigmented like a lipstick and give your lips the right amount of shine without the mess!

We know shopping for lip color online can be a scary experience so we broke our fabulous colors down for you. We have something for every look and shade out there from your pretty pinks to your bold pops of color. You can't go wrong with this amazing collection.

Pretty in Pink: Cake, Flirt, Kiss, Tease

Cake Pop | Flirt | Kiss Pop | Tease : $17

Be Bold: Love, Pinup, Glamour, Rebel

Love | Pinup | Glamour | Rebel : $17

Puppy Love: Sun, Bliss, Cherry

Sun | Bliss | Cherry : $17

Lip Jam Pops

Which shade is your favorite? Let us know and tag us on Instagram @mojospa #getyourmojoon

Until next time xoxo

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