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High Society Purifying Facial Toner

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A handmade organic infusion of healing herbs & citrus fruits enriched with a soothing blend of Rose, Lavender & Dead Sea Water to help tone & tighten the skin while refreshing & hydrating your face and body. A hydrating toner with the soothing scent of rose & lavender that is slightly astringent to tone and tighten the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores. Keeps your skin clean & refreshed while fighting blemish causing bacteria & harmful free radicals. Directions: Use as often as needed, on the face and body, to soothe & replenish the skin’s moisture. Shake well before using.

Ingredient Benefits:

Citrus Essential Oils: Brighten the complexion, revive tired skin, and lend the skin a radiant glow. These oils also successfully treat acne, boils, pimples, and black heads while managing skin that has enlarged pores and repealing the signs of aging.

Lavender Essential Oil: Removes nervous tension, enhances blood circulation, and provides a calming scent which is excellent for the nerves. This oil also contains antiseptic properties and provides oxygenation for the lips and skin tissue, allowing them to heal faster.


Shake well and spray toner onto face and body after cleasing. After applying to face wipe clean with a clean cotton pad. Also, may be used to set makeup or as a rehydrating treatment to replenish the skin’s moisture during airplane travel.


Lavender infused water, rose water, dead sea water, alcohol (natural preservative), distilled water, polysorbate 20, vegetable glycerin, germaben II (preservative), white truffle oil, French lavender essential oil, fragrance

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