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High Society Purifying Facial Soap



A concentrated bar soap with a relaxing aromatherapy blend containing lavender essential oil and lavender flower powder to cleanse, purify, and tighten pores while white truffle oil, organic olive oil, and natural raw honey restore moisture to the skin. Our bestselling facial soap is super concentrated for effectiveness. Long-lasting and compact enough for travel.

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Ingredient Benefits

Honey: Extremely moisturizing and able to absorb impurities, making it an ideal cleansing agent.

Lavender Essential Oil: Provides a relaxing scent.

Olive Oil: Extremely moisturizing and anti-aging.

China White Clay: Kaolin clay contains natural absorbent properties which allow it to draw impurities from the skin.


Hold bar under warm running water and massage directly onto face in circular motions until a lather forms. Then use fingers to massage lather into wet skin, rinse and pat dry. Soap lasts approximately 4-6 weeks when used daily.


Vegetable glycerin soap base (propylene glycol, coconut oil, sodium cocoate, sodium myristate, sodium laurate, sodium stearate, sorbitol, purified water, titanium dioxide), china white clay, lavender powder, castor oil, white truffle oil, organic olive oil, organic raw honey, fragrance, essential oils of (lavender, Valencia orange)

Net Wt.: 3.3oz. / 98g

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