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Chocolate Truffle Scrub, Body Butter & Facial Mask Gift Set

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Get your mom her chocolate fix on while giving her skin some much needed pampering with our Chocolate Truffle Gift Set! It's the ultimate, comforting indulging treat for your skin and mind with the benefits of chocolate. 

Gift Set Products:

Chocolate Truffle Body Butter - Our thickest cream enriched with Cocoa Butter for ultra hydration, creating a silky finish. Added lavender essential oil harnesses aromatherapy to promote relaxation. Smells like chocolate initially, but the mixture with body chemistry evolves into a vanilla aroma. 

*Helpful Hint: Apply to slightly damp skin for easier spreading and absorption.

Chocolate Truffle Face & Body Scrub - A cocoa powder, sugar based scrub packed with anti-oxidants to promote hydration and elasticity. The softening lavender and oatmeal addition offer a relaxing experience. Cocoa powder fights free radicals, reviving dull skin to improve blemishes and acne spots. Feels like massaging a chocolate bar onto your skin! 

Chocolate Mint Facial Mask *NEW* The Chocolate Mint Mask is a new product only available in this gift set. The ultimate indulging treat for your skin, with the consistency of chocolate mousse. This triple action of self-care includes the benefits of cocoa to detoxify, coconut oil to hydrate, and peppermint to refresh. The Chocolate Mint Mask may be used on face, hands and feet. Light and fluffy texture allows the mask to dry softly for easy removal. 


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