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Strawberry Coconut Soy Massage Candle



What would summer be without ice cream! I remember as a kid hearing the music of the ice cream truck in the distance and I would run into my house out of breath begging for some money to buy my favorite chocolate covered ice cream cone. With these memories in mind, we at Mojo Spa, decided to bring the fun of ice cream in a new exciting way that is also calorie free. We can feel guilt free about the dessert inspired candle!

Ingredient Benefits:


Soy: Evens out the skin tone and texture, reduces the appearance of a wide variety of skin discolorations, such as age or sun spots; diminishes the appearance of redness caused by acne and sun exposure, and is gentle enough to use every day.



  1. Light candle and allow it to burn for 15 minutes or until a pool of warm melted oil forms.
  2. Extinguish candle then dip fingers into the melted soy wax and massage onto hands, feet, and body for a deep penetrating treatment. Do NOT touch the flame.


Soy wax, soy shortening, stearic acid, fragrance

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