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Rosé. Relax. Repeat. Luxury Gift Set 



Calling all Rosé lovers! We've taken our Rosé-inspired body care collection to the next level with this luxury spa gift set perfect for a relaxing pampering session at home. From a soy massage candle that melts into a body cream to mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Bath Salts that will transform your bathroom into a pink spa-like oasis, enjoy this uniquely formulated body collection that will leave you feeling totally relaxed and your skin soft and glowing.

Scents: A light floral and perfectly tart blend of floral and citrus notes, including rose, white musk, grapefruit, lime and chardonnay.

Does NOT contain alcohol. All products come in glass containers.

Gift Set Products:

Rosé. Relax. Repeat. Luxury Candle Enjoy a relaxing massage with our hand poured soy massage candle that melts into a body cream when lit. Uniquely formulated with a blend of soy wax and plant-based oils to be gentle on the skin, while burning cleaner and longer for an ultra-moisturizing body treatment.

Rosé. Relax. Repeat. Luxury Face & Body Scrub A sugar-based scrub formulated with mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Salts and Rose Pink Clay to help unclog pores and reduce skin impurities. A blend of Mango Butter, Babassu Butter, Shea Butter and anti-aging Evening Primrose Oil provide for deep hydration, while leaving the skin smoother and reducing the appearance of skin imperfections.

Rosé. Relax. Repeat. Luxury Soap Cream A luxurious rich and creamy whipped soap cream formulated with Rose Water, Mango Butter, Babassu Butter, and Shea Butter for deep hydration and a gentler cleanse. Mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Salts provide mild exfoliation, while Rose Pink Clay helps remove skin impurities.

Rosé. Relax. Repeat. Luxury Bath Salts Formulated with a blend of mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Salts and Asian Sea Salts containing trace minerals to help detoxify, soften and replenish the skin's moisture levels.


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