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Mint Mellow Fluff Scrub, Lotion & Soap Gift Set



Give the gift of glee this holiday season with our Get Revived gift set. The invigorating scent of mint mixes with the comforting scent of vanilla to bring smiles and energy to everyone who smells it. Combine the wonderful scent with the ultra moisturizing and uplifting natural ingredients we’ve hand selected and you have a gift anyone would be thrilled to receive.

Gift Set Products:

Mint Mellow Fluff Body Lotion

Mint Mellow Fluff Face & Body Scrub

Mint Mellow Fluff Body Soap

Ingredient Benefits:

Peppermint Essential Oil: Improves dull skin, relieves stress, depression, and mental exhaustion.

Castor Oil: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, and extremely moisturizing

Coconut Oil: An effective moisturizer on all types of skins, including dry skin, coconut oil is very soothing, helping to remove stress. It also delays wrinkles and sagging of skin, which normally become prominent with age.

Peppermint essential oil - Provides relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion due to its refreshing nature , improves blood circulation, contains menthol, which is good for the skin giving it a cooling effect. It also nourishes dull skin and improves oily skin


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