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Lip-A-Luscious Lip Exfoliator

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    Honey granules, sugar, and jojoba beads gently exfoliate while Manuka honey helps to soften lips.

    Ingredient Benefits

    Manuka Honey: Draws moisture to the skin and softens dry skin.

    Vitamin E: A natural preservative that protects your lips from environmental factors.


    On clean dry lips dab a small amount of product with a clean finger or Q-Tip and thoroughly massage onto entire lip area until exfoliating granuals have dissolved. Wipe off excess product with a tissue. Apply when needed.


    Beeswax, organic olive oil, soy bean oil, organic honey, manuka honey, brown sugar, jojoba beads, honey powder, tocopherol (vitamin E), flavor oil

    Lip-A-Luscious Lip Exfoliator Product

    Mojo Essentials Collection

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Kris Koerwitz
    Love this product!

    I've been using this product for years now. I'm never without it. I especially like to use it before bed to help keep my lips moisturized overnight as I wear a mouthguard for grinding & otherwise I wake up with dry, cracked lips. It's also amazing during the cold, windy Wisconsin winters. It exfoliates in the most tasty ways & doesn't evaporation the wind.

    Best lip healer and protector ever!

    I’ve used a lot of lip balms and I have to say this is the BEST one by far. I love how it exfoliates and then a few minutes later the warmth of my lips melt the honey crystals and my lips feel so nourished and not at all sticky. So glad I tried this product!!

    Kelly Sue
    I've had this for a while and used it (applied, scrubbed, and wiped off) mainly before I applied ...

    I must say, though, that during the winter months, this stuff is my BFF. My lips can get downright shriveled and crusty when it's dry, cold, and windy. BUT--if I rub my finger vigorously in my Lip-a-Luscious pot (making sure to get some granules on my finger) and do a quick scrub on the lips, wipe away, and then add a thinner layer to stay, the change is rapid and long-lasting. It smells fantastic, is good for your skin, and lasts longer and works more effectively than any other lip balm I've tried.

    A must have for smooth lips!

    Gently exfoliates and leaves your lips super moisturized. I love that you can just leave it on and go - amazing! An absolute necessity to pamper & prep your lips for the start to a perfect smile : )

    This is the cure for chapped lips!

    It is amazing, I could tell after 2 days and my chapped lips were almost healed up! :) I use it in the shower and it still stays on for a while after I get out. It's the best thing I have ever purchased for my lips, and it's all natural. :) My lips have never felt more soft, silky, and smooth. You gotta try this stuff!