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Good Vibes Room & Body Spray

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Clear away negative energy and attract good vibes only with our NEW aromatic room & body spray specifically formulated to purify your home and surroundings. A blend of verbena bamboo and lime provide a fresh, clean scent - while sage helps clear your space from negative energies promoting peace & harmony. Contains witch hazel to ensure a stain-free and safe scent that can be sprayed daily along with a positive affirmation to keep those good vibes flowing!

Ingredient Benefits:


Witch Hazel Extract: A natural astringent that absorbs excess oils, purifies and tones.



Shake well and spray all over body, linens, clothing or into room to enjoy the scent. Reapply as desired.


Witch hazel distillate, fragrance, essential oil of (clary sage, lemongrass, coriander, lime)

Net Wt.: 8.9 / 253.65g

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