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Ginger Tea Perfume Oil

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Ginger Tea provides a blend of white tea, ginger, bergamot, and lemon that create a natural, irresistible scent to help you find your center and get you ready for whatever challenges lay ahead. We do not cut our fragrance with any chemical fillers instead we use a base of coconut oil so the fragrance lasts longer and keeps our customers irritation free!


Use roll-on applicator to apply oil onto insides of wrists, sides of the neck, and any other desired areas for a long-lasting fragrant scent.


Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

Ginger Tea Perfume Oil Product

Mojo Essentials Collection

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dulce -A Juxtaposed Mind
This little bottle is packed with such a fresh, spring scent!

On days when I want to switch it up from my Marc Jacobs go-to fragrance, I just roll this perfume oil onto my wrists, base of my neck and behind my ears. There are so many perfume oils that Mojo offers though, and they all smell wonderful.

I wish they had it all year round!!

I love Mojo Spa's perfume oils because they keep me headache and irritation free. I have sensitive skin and I am very sensitive to scents, but I am able to use all of their perfumes. I love the fresh clean scent of the White GInger Tea perfume.

Angie W
It has replaced the Burberry perfume I used to swear by.

This perfume oil lasts all day, has the best scent, and is perfect for travel.

Amy R
I love this stuff!

The scent is really light and fresh and long-lasting - perfect for summer. The roller ball applicator makes it great for travel. I recently bought this on a whim to take with me on a trip to Hawaii and I was so glad I did. It was super easy to use during my trip to freshen up and I didn't have to worry about spraying the people sitting next to me on the airplane or spraying perfume in the rental car and having the scent overpower every one else around me! I recently went back to get the massage oil because I liked the scent so much!