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Chicago Love Soy Massage Candle



The most amazing candle ever! Our unique blend of soy gives an environmentally friendly CLEAN burning candle that lasts longer than regular paraffin candles and acts as a hand cream & foot cream. Just dip your finger in the warm soy and massage into your hands and feet. The scent is reminiscent of a wonderful Chicago landmark, the Chicago Theatre. The Chicago Theatre is all about the drama. Notes of sandalwood, lily of the valley, and tuberose represent the intense emotions of laughter, tears, & suspense the theatre brings.

Ingredient Benefits:

Soy: Evens out the skin tone and texture, reduces the appearance of a wide variety of skin discolorations, such as age or sun spots; diminishes the appearance of redness caused by acne and sun exposure, and is gentle enough to use every day.


  1. Light candle and allow it to burn for 15 minutes or until a pool of warm melted oil forms.
  2. Extinguish candle then dip fingers into the melted soy wax and massage onto hands, feet, and body for a deep penetrating treatment. Do NOT touch the flame.


Soy wax, soy shortening, stearic acid, fragrance

Net Wt.: 7.5oz. / 223g