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Beauty Mark Concealer for Light to Medium Skin Tones

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A dual action concealer that conceals blemishes and imperfections in the skin. Neem, hazelnut, & flaxseed oils aid in reducing the appearance of skin irritations while pistachio butter, silk powder, and mineral pigments help conceal and leave a silky smooth finish. This concealer is unique because it still allows the blemish to breathe. Please be aware, this is not a traditional concealer; with natural ingredients, this product will have a slightly tacky finish that is not visible but can be felt. Also, this item is not a heavy duty, HD concealer, if we were to cover your skin to that degree, your blemishes would not be able to breathe.

Ingredient Benefits

Neem Oil: Softens dry, cracked skin.

Pistachio Butter: Moisturizes and softens skin and penetrates into the skin easily without clogging pores.


Apply product directly from the tube onto blemish to help heal and conceal. This is NOT a full coverage or under eye concealer, and provides light coverage to allow blemishes to breath and heal. To set product in place finish with one of our Sun Magic Mineral Powders.


White kaolin clay, rice powder, coconut oil, lanolin, hazelnut oil, beeswax, coconut oil, pistachio butter, magnesium myristate, essential oil blend, silk powder, carnauba wax, jojoba oil, magnesium stearate, mica powder, silk peptide powder, black cumin seed oil, iron oxide

Beauty Mark Concealer for Light to Medium Skin Tones Product

Mojo Essentials Collection

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I love this stuff.

I use it as a concealer, but also, I love it as an eye primer. I use just a tiny bit, but it really works well on my slightly oily eyelids. I can't use SWAK on them because it doesn't hold.

Gina S
I can't live without it.

I was highly skeptical. I mean, come on, it looks really dark in the tube, and it's basically for all skin tones from light to medium in every shade. How could it possibly work? It works perfectly, that's how it works, and it doesn't feel even remotely gunky and it blends in beautifully.

Paula C.
I will never forget how beautiful I felt the first time I wore it.

I stopped into Mojo Spa out of curiosity before going to a friend's wedding over the holiday season. One of the friendliest beauty consultants on the planet took me under her wing and offered me a makeover. I had just spent a lot of money on presents, a wedding, and a trip so my pocket was tight, but after a few minutes in the chair I was convinced that Mojo Spa products were what my problem skin had been looking for all along. The Beauty Mark concealer in particular stood out--I had avoided wearing makeup for many, many years except for special occasions, because nearly everything made my skin break out. Suddenly I had found a concealer that I could actually wear every day and even overnight that felt like cashmere--so smooth with great coverage, yet totally breathable. I will never forget how beautiful I felt the first time I wore it. I felt even more beautiful when I noticed my skin was gradually becoming clearer by wearing the concealer--this had definitely never happened before. On that first vi...

This concealer is awesome!

I would definitely recommend it. First, it smells so nice, which is always a bonus. Second, it gives amazing coverage and blends right in with my skin tone. Third, it truly does heal as it conceals. It is a great product!

It actually works!

I have to admit, I was initially skeptical about this product. Am I ever glad to be wrong! I thought the product was going to be too dark for my skin, but it blended in beautifully and hid a nasty blemish that was noticeably smaller that night when I washed my face--the miracle of neem!