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Go Green Nourishing Facial Mask Product
Go Green Nourishing Facial Mask Product

Go Green Nourishing Facial Mask

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    A refinement of our original Go Green Mask this formula is advanced, gentle, & powerful for sensitive skin. This remarkably creamy mask revives any skin's complexion, especially sensitive skin. Go Green is carefully formulated with matcha green tea, spinach, moringa, bladdewrack seaweed and spirulina. Each superfood ingredient works harmoniously to provide Vitamin C, A, and E to the skin to maintain a healthy-looking complexion. This creates a healthy, nourishing blend of herbal essential oils that is both calming and restoring.

    Ingredient Benefits

    Dries soft for easy and non-irritating removal

    Can be used as a spot treatment

    Matcha Green Tea: helps minimize the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenates skin

    Spirulina: encourages cell turn over

    Moringa: improves complexion appearance

    Spinach: promotes healthy-looking skin


    After cleansing evenly apply mask over entire face avoiding eye area. Allow mask to dry for 15-20 minutes and remove with warm water or a damp washcloth. Apply 1-2 times per week.


    White kaolin clay, organic lettuce, organic spinach, purified water, grapeseed oil, organic lemon juice, vegetable glycerin, organic raw honey, chlorophyll, bladderack seaweed, germaben II (preservative), essential oil blend, fragrance

    Go Green Nourishing Facial Mask Product
    Go Green Nourishing Facial Mask Product

    Go Green Collection

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    I absolutely love this face mask. I’m a healthcare worker and wearing a medical face mask 50+ hours a week has really upset my skin! This mask really soothes and nourishes my skin unlike anything else! My skin was red and inflamed from the irritation of the medical mask and I noticed a difference in just one application! I will recommend this to everyone.

    This stuff instantly heals acne

    WOW. I love this mask. I suppose you could buy some clay, buy some honey, get some grapeseed oil, grind up spinach...but you would be spending a lot more money and time. I love the ingredients. White clay kaolin clay is one of the gentlest for dry, aging, acne-prone skin. It heals inflammation without drying the face. I usually breakout with most oils, but grapeseed doesn't mess with my skin, thankfully. If you have very sensitive skin, and have inflammation/acne, I recommend this highly. It's one of those magical combinations that keeps my skin calm and keeps pimples at bay--one of those twice per week recovery ointments that I count on. I hope Mojo keeps making these masks at such an affordable price. Also, one might recommend using it within a certain period of time, but I have had mine for just under a year, and it's still working GREAT.


    We are so happy to hear that the Go Green Nourishing Facial Mask is working well for you. We understand the difficulties of being gentle enough while working for your skin and we are very proud of our Go Green line for doing just that. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and our other customers! xoxo Mojo

    Elise Moore

    Every time I use this product it transforms my skin! I have pretty sensitive skin and redness (especially in the winter) and this mask reduces the redness in my face and leaves my skin glowing, leaving it feeling clean, fresh and extremely nourished. By far my favorite face mask I've used!!