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Strike It Rich Lip Balm for Money & Prosperity

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    She aces the interview. She wins front row tickets. She even spills coffee on the right guy. Don't blame the girl who seems to have all the good luck- she just knows the Strike It Rich secret: nothing attracts good luck quite like feeling lucky. Energized with an Aventurine crystal and infused with mint, patchouli, bergamot, nutmeg and other ingredients thought to attract good luck and prosperity, this lip balm will leave you anticipating great things. Affirmation: "I attract the best prosperity & abundance to me, so let it be said and so be it."

    Ingredient Benefits

    Castor Oil: Rich in ricinoleic acid, a monosaturated fatty acid that locks in moisture and hydrates the skin without clogging pores.

    Shea Butter: Retains moisture in the skin without clogging pores, contains cinnamic acid.

    Vitamin E: A natural preservative that protects your lips from environmental factors.


    On dry lips dab a small amount of product with a clean finger or Q-Tip and blend all over lip area. Product will go on sheer. Reapply throughout the day for optimal results.


    Beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin, almond oil, castor oil, organic raw honey, tocopheral (vitamin E), flavor oil

    Strike It Rich Lip Balm for Money & Prosperity Product

    Mojo Essentials Collection

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Best tinted lip balm I have used.

    Beautiful tinted lip balm. Perfect for casual wear and dressier occasions. Goes on smoothly and looks great. Colour lasts.

    Bees wax w/ a great smell, in cute container... a definite winner.

    I just placed my first order with Mojo Spa a few days ago because I've read so many raves about the products. I purchased 3 of the lip glosses with my order and really like them all. Very cute! I bought these planning to add a couple of them to Christmas gifts. But I guess I'll have to buy more, because these are all mine now. (I couldn't help it. After I tried one I was curious about the others.) Not only do they smell nice, but I love the ingredient lists. I try to avoid petroleum based lip products, so these were right up my alley. They have great staying power, and they're not super shiny. I like being able to moisturize my lips without the world knowing about it. Bees wax w/ a great smell, in cute container... a definite winner. Of the 3 I bought, Sweet Success is my favorite.

    Shipping was super fast, and the customer service was great.

    The lip balm works great.

    I came to after an article I read about it on a blog...looking specifically for the lip balms. I was so intrigued with the idea of a lip balm that has an energized cyrstal in it and an affirmation...right up my alley! I wish the mint scent was a bit stronger...but I still love. I have to say I haven't 'Struck it Rich' in regards to money...but I would say I've gotten rich lately in a few other ares of my life!

    I used Strike It Rich lip balm while in the store. That evening, I won $1200.

    I came directly back to the store to purchase.