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Go Green Healing Facial Soap Product
Go Green Healing Facial Soap Product

Go Green Facial Soap

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    A concentrated bar soap with skin soothing chamomile powder & calendula oil to help heal irritated skin, while spirulina powder nourishes, & geranium, palmarosa, carrot seed, & rosewood essential oils help balance skin.

    Ingredient Benefits

    Calendula Oil: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and known for healing skin problems such as wounds, burns, insect bites, and eczema.

    Rosewood Essential Oil: Balances out the skin, moisturizes, promotes healthy-looking skin.

    Palmarosa Essential Oil: A natural antiseptic, the oil helps retain moisture while relaxing muscles and nerves to rejuvenate the skin.


    Hold bar under warm running water and massage directly onto face in circular motions until a lather forms. Then use fingers to massage lather into wet skin, rinse and pat dry. Soap lasts approximately 4-6 weeks when used daily.


    Vegetable glycerin soap base (propylene glycol, coconut oil, sodium cocoate, sodium myristate, sodium laurate, sodium stearate, sorbitol, purified water, titanium dioxide), colloidal oatmeal, chamomile powder, silk peptide powder, spirulina powder, organic olive oil, calendula oil, essential oils of (Egyptian geranium, rosewood, palmarosa, chamomile, carrot seed, rosemary), chamomile flowers

    Go Green Healing Facial Soap Product
    Go Green Healing Facial Soap Product

    Go Green Collection

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    My skin is super sensitive and this is the only face wash I’ve used for the past three years. It’s just actually perfect. Even after leaving Chicago I will always order from mojo!

    Kayla Clark

    I love Mojo Spa products! The Go Green soap isn't necessarily my favorite, it does have some pokey stems that can get in the way and I don't quite like it as much as other "flavors" of facial soaps but it is still certainly a quality product!

    Matt Perez
    Amazing products

    George and the staff at Mojo Spa are the definition of customer service. They go above and beyond to address any questions you have and make you feel as comfortable as possible. I’ve fallen in love with the Go Green Serum and facial soap. It is definitely a life changer when it comes to my skin. I want to thank you for creating such a amazing product, and hiring an amazing staff, who once again go above and beyond. They all need Bonuses when it comes to their checks.

    Taylor Laughlin

    I've dealt with acne flare-ups and cystic acne for years and have tried so many different products. Not until I tried this face wash did I actually see a difference in the amount of acne I was getting. Not only does it help clear and prevent breakouts, but its helps with spots from previous ones. I highly recommend this product for those with combo acne-prone skin.

    I would just recommend using this a few times a week instead of every day, as I noticed irritation on my nose when I used it every day since its exfoliating.

    The Go Green facial soap is amazing!

    My skin has had redness for as long as I can remember. After two months of using this product consistently the redness is basically completely gone. I love this product!