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Light Twinkle Color Adjusting Mineral Makeup

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    This herb-infused formula contains 20 different herb, fruit, and flower extracts to help rejuvenate your skin with each application. Hand blended with natural pigments that adjust to your skin tone, this formula allows your skin to breathe while enhancing your complexion and giving you a radiant glow. For use, apply all over face. Made for MEDIUM to OLIVE skin tones.

    Ingredient Benefits

    White Tea: Reduces the appearance of skin damage caused by poor diet, the sun, and stress.

    Life Everlasting Flowers: Acts as a natural astringent.

    Chamomile: Promotes general relaxation, reduces stress, gently exfoliates.

    Olive Leaf: Softens and improves appearance of the skin .

    Calendula: Softens the skin.


    After moisturizing apply a few pumps of product all over face and blend with fingertips or with a slightly moistened beauty blender. If applying with a beauty blender gently dab product into the skin to blend.


    Water, grapeseed oil, emulsifying wax, shea butter, stearic acid, soy wax, herb infused water (organic lemon, organic orange, calendula, chamomile, chickweed leaf, comfrey leaf, elderberries, green tea, hibiscus, lavender, lemon verbena, life everlasting flowers, olive leaf, jasmine, red clover leaf, organic rosehips, rose, rosemary, white tea), cornstarch, mica, silk peptide powder, microspheres powder, clay, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, vegetable glycerin, triethanolamine, germaben II (preservative), fragrance

    Light Twinkle Color Adjusting Mineral Makeup Product

    Mojo Essentials Collection

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews

    Amazing!!! It somehow perfectly evens my skin and leaves an even, glowy finish. I love it. All I use now is this + my cle de peau concealer on any issue areas, finished off with the sun magic finishing powder, and my skin is perfect all day, and feels great after I wash it off.

    Kayla Clark
    Great As A Concealer

    I've never ever been a foundation person, but got this as a sample when ordering other things and it's been really great! I just use it for concealer when I get gnarly blemishes. Doesn't completely disappear but at least it gets rid of the embarrassing redness (and prevents me from picking at it and giving it room to heal). This has been miles above the few other concealers I've tried in the past.


    The best makeup I’ve ever worn on my skin. Provides a beautiful, natural glow! I got a sample in an order a friend sent me and then I bought a full size in Chicago the next time I was there. Absolutely love it!


    I can't wear makeup. Period. My mom brought me here years ago and I was told to use the green serum along with this mineral foundation and it changed my life! I have always had red, acne prone, dry skin and have always hated the way makeup felt on my face and how it made me break-out, but after using this, I GLOW and have ZERO breakouts. I don't live in Chicago, but luckily my family does, and everytime I see them they bring me their products. This product is so lightweight, takes away my redness, and makes my skin look so natural and radiant. I've tried other "organic, all natural product" and they all make me breakout every time. If you have dry, acne prone, or sensitive skin try this product (along with the green serum) because there is NOTHING better!

    Dulce A Juxtaposed Mind
    Thirty dollars seems steep at first for a small bottle, but I don't regret buying it for a second!

    I suffer a lot from stress and acne, but so far while using this product I haven't had any bad breakouts like I usually do. Sometimes I use it over a light layer of SPF moisturizer for a sweet glow, but I've also been mainly using it as a primer for my evening makeup routine.