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Starlet Lip Gloss for Strength & Courage

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    Inspired by the Hollywood Starlets of the 1940's with their glam makeup and lavish style. This will take you back to the days of the pin up girl and the popular retro style that is still popular to this day. Hollywood starlets were the epitome of courage and strength with grace and confidence. Find your inner Starlet every day to give you the courage and strength to accomplish your goals This SHEER BRIGHT RED GLOSS with a QUARTZ crystal is a more subtle red that can be worn over any lip color for a boost of every color. Super high shine and super moisturizing you feel like you can conquer the world. Affirmation on the back of the product reads: “I have the strength & courage to overcome all obstacles in my life, so let it be said & so be it.”

    Ingredient Benefits

    Castor Oil: Rich in ricinoleic acid, a monosaturated fatty acid that locks in moisture and hydrates the skin without clogging pores.

    Jojoba Oil: The chemical composition of jojoba closely resembles that of the skin’s natural sebum, so it is easily absorbed and rarely causes irritation, even in the most sensitive individuals.

    Vitamin E: Is a natural preservative that protects your lips from environmental factors.


    On dry lips dab a small amount of product with a clean finger, Q-Tip or lip brush and blend all over lip area. Apply over lipstick or lip stain for a glossy finish. Reapply when needed.


    Castor oil, lanolin, jojoba oil, coconut oil, candelilla wax, honey, tocopherol (vitamin E), mica, red #6, cherry oil, almond oil, lemon essential oil, quartz crystal

    Starlet Lip Gloss for Strength & Courage Product

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