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Coffee Shop Soap Set

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Don't worry about getting the jitters from this caffeine rush! Our Coffee Shop Soap Gift Set contains three different glycerin-based soaps inspired by your favorite coffee brewed drinks with java inspired scents. Each soap contains a unique, coffee-infused blend, great for tightening, toning, and firming the skin. An ideal deal gift for the coffee lover!


Gift Set Products:

Cappuccino Brulee Body Soap is a soft coffee scent.

Vanilla Latte Body Soap is a sweet blend of real vanilla and espresso.

Mint Espresso Body Soap is an invigorating blend of espresso and peppermint.

Ingredient Benefits:

Coffee: Caffeine tightens and brightens dull skin, stimulates circulation and reduces appearance of puffiness.

Soybean Oil: Protein packed moisture, with a silky smooth consistency that makes for an easy lather.

Peppermint Essential Oil: Invigorating cleanser, antiseptic and helps to relieve sore muscles.

Ground Coffee: Exfoliate and energize, coffee contains anti-oxidants that fight free radicals, as well as tone and tighten the skin.


Hold soap under warm running water and rub between hands to create a lather. For body lather soap onto a washcloth or directly onto skin for maximum benefit. Thoroughly rinse off and pat dry.


Glycerin soap base (vegetable glycerin soap base (propylene glycol, coconut oil, sodium cocoate, sodium myristate, sodium laurate, sodium stearate, sorbitol, purified water, titanium dioxide), fragrance. MAY CONTAIN: coffee infused soybean oil, ground coffee, peppermint essential oil

Net Wt.: 17.4oz. / 515g