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Charcoal Gift Set

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Whether you've been Naughty or Nice this holiday season, you'll be happy to get this coal in your stocking! The two-part gift set includes our handcrafted coal bath salts and two coal soaps.

Gift Set Products:

Coal Detox Charcoal Soap is a vegetable glycerin soap that provides long lasting moisture while the charcoal powder make these a detoxifying powerhouse. 

Charcoal Bath Salts are made with Himalayan salts and charcoal powder. These are not only fun to look at, they're also a real treat for your skin.

Ingredient Benefits:

Himalayan Salt: Stimulates circulation which helps boost metabolism and improves skin renewal. Also, reduces the appearance of varicose veins and provides smoother, softer skin.

Charcoal Powder: Absorbs into pores to remove dirt and oil, helps heal acne, bumps, and blackheads; and promotes clear porcelain skin.


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