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Charcoal Bath Salts



Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, you're going to want to see our new Charcoal Bath Salts in your stocking! Made with Himalayan pink salts and charcoal powder, these are not only fun to look at , they're also a real treat for your skin!

Ingredient Benefits:


Himalayan Salt: Stimulates circulation which helps boost metabolism and improves skin renewal. Also, reduces the appearance of varicose veins and provides smoother, softer skin.

Charcoal Powder: Absorbs into pores to remove dirt and oil, helps heal acne, bumps, and blackheads; and promotes clear porcelain skin.



Add half cup to a warm running bath and wait until fully dissolved. If desired combine with other bath products. For optimal results bathe for at least 20 minutes.


Himalayan white salt, fragrance, bamboo charcoal powder, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate