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Twilight Lust Perfume Oil



The scent of Twilight Lust perfume oil has literally put customers into a trance. They cannot stop smelling this alluring mysterious scent that captures so different emotions. I literally take it out of their hand as they ask "what scent is this?" There are 20 different scents that go into creating the Twilight scent. The majority of the scents comes from amber, vanilla, ylang ylang, frankincense & azalea. We can't keep it in stock at the store because customers keep coming back saying they have never been asked by so many people even men "what are you wearing?" We do not cut our fragrance with any chemical fillers instead we use a base of coconut oil so that the fragrance last longer and keeps our customers irritation free!

Ingredient Benefits:

Coconut Oil: improves the staying power of the scent without irritating the skin


Use roll-on applicator to apply oil onto insides of wrists, sides of the neck, and any other desired areas for a long-lasting fragrant scent.


Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

Net Wt.: 0.5fl. oz. / 14.17ml

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