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Green Tea Herbal - Face & Body Serum Experiment



This serum packs a punch with powerful herbs infused into the oils along with a wide range of essential oils to create a multitasking serum for both the face and body. Our skin can go through a lot when it is exposed to frequent hand washes and/or sanitizer and we need something to help the skin bounce back to its normal healthy state. In addition, during periods of great stress and anxiety the skin can experience a variety of reactions that are not typical and needs help to balance to protect itself. A few drops of this serum can help keep skin stay healthy and soft.


What Makes This Special?

Each herb infused has its own unique contribution and together they can create a powerful serum:

Green Tea: anti-oxidant rich to help even out skin tone

Red Clover: helps soothe skin irritation

Sage Leaf: clarifies skin without drying it out

Olive Leaf: calms and improves condition of the skin


For Night: After cleansing apply 1-2 drops to face or body. Massage into skin using upward circular motions to boost circulation and absorption.

For Day: After cleansing apply a smaller amount 1-2 drops to face or body. Massage into skin using upward circular motions to boost circulation and absorption. Allow product to fully absorb for a few minutes before applying makeup.


Herbal infused oil of (green tea, red clover, sage leaf, olive leaf), avocado oil, essential oils of (rosemary, tea tree, lavender, lemon)

Net Wt.: 1fl oz. / 30ml


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