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Ambrosia Spice - Face & Body Lotion Experiment



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About The Product

I am excited to share with you this exclusive product. The Ambrosia Spice Face and Body Lotion is the ultimate anti-aging lotion. This product needed to ferment for a whole year which brings out the unique anti-aging properties.

The fermented tea is where the magic happens and is composed of a variety of ingredients from floral waters to herbs like jasmine flowers to essential oils and other special ingredients. This lotion is a light calming scent of jasmine, rose, orange blossom, and white pepper for the spice. All these essential oils bring their own unique anti-aging properties to the lotion. It is the combination of all these ingredients that help to create a lotion that works for both the face and the body while helping to improve skin texture, softness, hydration, and overall skin health. It is a product I am most proud of and has definitely been a labor of love.

Because of the year-long fermentation process this is the only batch I will be selling this year. 

Please note: The free serum promotion mentioned in the video has since ended. However, it is now available for purchase: Green Tea Herbal Face & Body Serum

What Makes This Product Special:

  • The unique fermentation process that helps to create a superior anti-aging lotion.
  • Fermented for 1 year to develop concentration for ultimate effectiveness.
  • Dual use for face and body.


Pump 1-2 pumps of product into the palm of your hand and thoroughly massage onto face or body.



fermented energized water, emulsifying wax, organic extra virgin olive (olea europaea) oil, grapeseed (vitis vinifera) oil, fermented rose (rosa) water, fermented neroli (citrus aurantium) water, evening primrose (oenothera) oil, fragrance, sodium borate, borage seed (borago officinalis) oil, stearic acid, vegetable glycerin, oliwax (hydrogenated olive oil), germaben II


Net Wt.: 8.2oz. / 243g