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Light My Fire Lip Balm for Love & Passion

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    Forget candles or mood music. Nothing whips people into a passionate frenzy like what the mouth can feel and taste. Energized with a Rose Quartz crystal--believed to attract passion and love, and infused with aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, coconut, lime and caramel--this lip balm will definitely set the mood and give lust a new flavor. Affirmation: "I attract the best love & passion, so let it be said and so be it."

    Ingredient Benefits

    Castor Oil: Rich in ricinoleic acid, a monosaturated fatty acid that locks in moisture and hydrates the skin without clogging pores.

    Shea Butter: Retains moisture in the skin without clogging pores, contains cinnamic acid.

    Vitamin E: A natural preservative that protects your lips from environmental factors.


    On dry lips dab a small amount of product with a clean finger or Q-Tip and blend all over lip area. Product will go on sheer. Reapply throughout the day for optimal results.


    Beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin, almond oil, castor oil, organic raw honey, tocopheral (vitamin E), flavor oil

    Light My Fire Lip Balm for Love & Passion Product

    Mojo Essentials Collection

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Love this balm.

    Gives a nice sheen to my lips. Long lasting, non-sticky, very soothing and moisturizing. I use this everyday, but since the tub is huge I won't run out any time soon. Smells wonderful.

    Great scent, size, value - Perfect product!

    I am a hard core lip gloss/balm lover. After using this, I literally gave away or threw out ALL of my other products. Extremely mosturizing and non-sticky. This balm lasts longer than anything else I have ever used, even while eating or drinking.

    Jackie A.
    I have been buying Mojo products for over 5 years now - and I love so many products.

    My first purchase was the Light My Fire lip balm. Love it because it smells like chocolate, and its so moisturizing. Yummy.

    I love this lip balm!

    It melts right into your lips and leaves them protected, especially if you use it at night. I have very sensitive lips and often get peeling and allergic reactions to glosses and lip sticks-this cleared it right up. I also love the affirmation on the back-it reminds you of something positive every time you use it!

    I just love Light My Fire lip balm!!

    It makes my lips feel so soft and smell so good!! I can not leave home with out it! My day is complete unless I have my lip balm! It is great!