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Jade Gemstone Luxury Gift Set



Give the gift of Ultimate Luxury to yourself or your favorite person this holiday season! Mojo means magic, and there is nothing more magical than nature. Our latest collection is inspired by one of nature’s more magical creations, Gemstones! Each giftset contains 1 Gemstone Soap, 1 Gemstone Bath Salt, 1 Gemstone Luxury Body Cream, and 1 Gemstone Soy Cream Candle Save $25 when you buy the giftset instead of individual items!!!

Gift Set Products:

Jade Bath Bar

Jade Gemstone Luxury Bath Salts

Jade Gemstone Luxury Body Cream

Jade Gemstone Luxury Body Soap

Jade Gemstone Luxury Soy Massage Candle

Ingredient Benefits:

See individual products for benefits information.


See individual products for ingredient information

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